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  • AI
Human-centred AI: A new dawn or a technological nightmare?
The Artificial Intelligence Act: Safeguarding Our Rights and Protecting Our Democracy.
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  • Knowledge management
  • Fresh KM
  • Taxonomy
Why do we need a taxonomy?
Have you ever wondered how companies like ESA manage to effectively classify and organise vast amounts of data? The answer lies in…
ESA Archives image
  • Drupal
  • Space
  • Dissemination of information
  • Apache Solr
ESA Archives Portal, discover its history and evolution
The ESA has launched a portal for accessing its historical archives. Discover space activities and browse through the most significant…
Retención del conocimiento
  • Knowledge management
  • Fresh KM
Preserving knowledge from employees leaving the company
Do you know how to retain your employees' expertise when they leave? Discover effective strategies for transferring and codifying before it…