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Digital Transformation and Corporate knowledge


Digital transformation refers to the integration of digital technologies in all areas of an organization and implies a fundamental change in all its operations, taking advantage of all the opportunities provided by the wide variety of emerging technologies available today.

To take advantage of these opportunities, we accompany organizations in their digital transformation roadmap with the following objectives:

To provide effective solutions for the particular problem of information management in space programs and missions due to their long duration, complexity (of processes and final products), dimensions, personnel involved, etc.

To solve problems derived from the large amount of information generated and handled today, and thus be able to react more quickly in constantly changing environments.

Provide a realistic way to identify your most critical knowledge and preserve it over time, through initiatives that guarantee continuity and avoid missteps.

We use a wide range of technologies to build digital work environments that help organizations manage the vast amount of information and knowledge they generate and provide solutions that meet the everyday needs of engineering environments.

Capture and dissemination of information and knowledge

Portals that guide users to identify, capture, classify and share the most relevant knowledge in an agile and systematic way and integrated into our client’s technological ecosystem.

Advanced search

We configure powerful engines that improve search efficiency and enhance users’ ability to find and discover the information and knowledge they need.

Information integration

We unify content repositories scattered throughout the organization with techniques (Knowledge Graphs) that allow us to interrelate content and build an integral search center that respects confidentiality and privacy aspects.

Automatic classification

We help establish common vocabularies or corporate taxonomies to organize and classify shared content in a homogeneous way. Through natural language processing (NLP) solutions, we transform content repositories into real classified and related knowledge.

Competency management

Solutions that monitor the skills and experience acquired by people in the different projects carried out, and help to plan new needs for future projects.

Knowledge-oriented data analytics

Analysis of information and relationships oriented to generate knowledge about the internal functioning of the organization, and thus focus on real problems and more effective initiatives.