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Project Management and Space Programs

At IMMEDIA, our main objective is that project information is generated and flows among all participants at the right time and with the right quality, adapting to the needs of the different work teams to make informed decisions.

Our solutions combine software tools and dedicated multidisciplinary teams to cover different needs in the field of project management and control, adapting to industry standards and internal practices already in place.

We help you to effectively manage the complexity of space projects

Project start-up and follow-up

Throughout the project lifecycle, solutions aimed at creating the necessary information to start the project and establish clear bases and a common and integrated vision with the engineering and development processes, and subsequently facilitate tracking tasks, schedules, risks, actions, and changes.

Project and program visualization

Solutions and practices that allow to quickly know the status and progress of activities, major milestones, deviations, and interdependencies. These solutions allow to calculate and visualize relevant project and product indicators and metrics to anticipate problems and act where it is really required.

Resource management in multi-project environments

Using a pragmatic and effective approach to standardize work practices and to ensure that the information exchanged between the different project phases meets quality requirements.

Resource management in multi-project environments

For environments running simultaneous projects in parallel with shared resources, providing an integrated view of resource needs versus current and future availability, and anticipating potential resource shortages at critical project phases or dates.

Integrated knowledge management in projects

We identify fundamental knowledge used and generated by projects and integrate the necessary mechanisms to capture and share it within the project and reuse it in future projects.