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Introducing Fresh km: concrete solutions to concrete problems

Digital Transformation 5 May 2023 | Immedia

Much has been said about knowledge management in the recent years, but even in the wake of an ISO on knowledge management, there still seems to be disagreements about what KM comprises.

A common conversation I tend to have with practitioners in this area is to what precise activities one should include in the domain of KM. Then, things start to get confusing, and very soon, philosophical.

Any company understands the underlying need of organizing information more efficiently and allowing their employees to learn quicker and better. With that in mind, Immedia has decided to introduce the concept of “Fresh KM”, that is, using KM as the framework to bring concrete solutions to concrete problems. Without denying the importance of a solid foundations of this complex discipline, by doing fresh KM, a company would identify clear use cases and solve them with the appropriate KM tools in a defined scope, time and effort.





Typical use cases would be the improvement of the search engine, the retention of knowledge of an employee leaving the company, the onboarding of a new employee, or the opening of a new office in a different country. If any of those sound familiar, it is because those are frequent situations in which companies have to deal with either the access to information, the capture of knowledge or the transfer of expertise.

During many years supporting international organizations like ESA or Eumetsat, Immedia has perfected its activities in the area of knowledge management, solving the previous problems with the pertinent KM platforms and processes, developing a state-of-the-art search engine, creating competency management process and tools, helping with mobility of employees within the company, and many other initiatives and projects.

With the concept of fresh KM, we intend to add clarity by explaining a multi-faceted discipline in actionable elements as well as introducing a tested framework of efficient and concrete solutions.

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