Project Management

Our perspective

Many of the issues which impact negatively on projects are related to the lack of visibility about the status, progress, risks, incidents, etc. Also to an inappropriate communication to stakeholders. These are information problems.

The situation can get worse when projects are outsourced partially or completely, to a single or several providers. Providers have their own tools and different ways to inform about work. Hence the need to standardize all this information received.

At IMMEDIA we aim to improve the quality and the output of the projects by delivering efficient mechanisms for reporting. And to provide a good visibility of the project status by processing the relevant information.


Project Managers

They will control and inform in a simple way about the progress, focusing in achieving the objectives for every project.


They will have information alligned to their needs, ensuring that the expected results are achieved.


They will be permanently aware of the actions that should be performed, and when they are expected to be completed.

WIPBI: Reporting y Control de Proyectos en Cloud
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WIPBI is a plataform which provides companies a set of tools to evaluate and control the progress of projects easily, giving key performance and quality indicators, and health metrics. It allow companies to get immediate visibility over the gained progress, to avoid deviations and to ensure getting the expected results in time.

WIPBI helps Project Managers to apply and follow standards and best practices, revealing itself as an extremelly useful tool to coordinate teams, and to generate and distribute progress reports. In this way, it promotes effective communication between stakeholders, what in our opinion it is a key success factor in projects.

WIPBI is also available as a Cloud Service at

Benefits of using WIPBI

According to Project Management standards such us PMBoK and ISO21500, there must be a group of processes for Tracking and Control, including those activities which are used for monitoring, analysing and controlling the performance of the project.

This continuous monitoring gives the project team and stakeholders a valuable knowledge about the Project Health, and highlights areas that require special attention and may need changes. With this proactive approach you can anticipate to the most common problems, avoiding budget overrun and delays.

It is important to consolidate the information of the knowledge areas that require special attention: Scope, Time, Costs, Quality, Staff, Risks, Communications and Stakeholders. You will obtain then the following benefits:

  • Instant view of the project status: anticipation to issues and decisions based on relevant information.
  • Avoid budget overrun and delays: as a result of an effective monitoring of all the important aspects of the project.
  • Improvement of productivity: Minimising the necessary time to generate reports, gathering informaction from different sources.
  • Collaboration of all stakeholders: a well informed team is a solid and motivated team.
  • Objective evaluation of providers: efficiency parameters to define improved contractual agreements.
  • Continuous improvement: anything that can be measured and analysed can be improved.

Take a look at BIRF project as another example on how to get this benefits easily.