Soluciones en Cloud Computing

What we offer

We deeply believe that the Cloud is one of the most powerful tool available to any organization, and to get the most of it we offer our experience to find the most valuable tools, that ensure the security and the efficiency
cualquier inversión realizada en TI.

To help you in succeeding when choosing Cloud Computing we carry out the following tasks, aimed to free you from unneccessary technical details :


From the available tools in the Cloud, we choose those that best meet your needs, analysing their compatibility with current systems in the organization.


We use APIs provided by cloud services and we integrate them with others used services, achieving that information interchange be transparent for the final user.


To provide mechanisms to deploy and use the service, as well as periodic backups and the most secure patterns of system maintenance.

Leading by example

We like to recommend solutions that we have been previously experimenting with, so we expose a real use case: Ourselves.
Immedia is a 100% Cloud comnpany. We don not use physical hardware but our own work desktops and a simple backkup server. This provides us more flexibility and optimization of our resources, which finally leads to a reduction of our internal costs, being able to reduce the final rates we charge to our customers:

  • Google Apps form mail, general and task management, and Intranet
  • Attalasian JIRA for software change management
  • WIPBI for Project Tracking and Control
  • Amazon server for pre-production and production environments
  • Dropbox for files sharing
  • Cisco Webex for our online meetings