BIRF-MR: Reporting for High Management

BIRF-MR (BIRF- Management Reports) is an example of a Web custom development for the internal management, performed for the European Space Operations Centre (ESA-ESOC). This project extends the BIRF project control and Business Intelligence framework.

This tool helps to generate current state and progress reports in a more productive way, These kind of reports are necessary for the different responsibles and high managers to get each month the information the need for their decission making process. Some of the most relevant features:

  • Collaborative making of monthly progress reports
  • Definition and Tracking of the progress of organisational objectives
  • Risk Management of internal projects
  • Costs control dashboards
  • Generation of summary reports in several export formats

Reusing and extending BIRF has provided ESOC the following benefits:

  • A fast and cost effective development of a tool that speeds up a necessary but also a time demanding process.
  • Automate the process of gathering information about the status of projects and programs, linking it with other high level information.
  • Define and align the objectives of each organisational unit with the strategic goals of the Agency.