About Immedia

IMMEDIA consists of a team of senior software engineers, committed to look for solutions which fulfill our customer's needs.

We always promote the personal and professional development of our members, seeking for efficient and flexible working environments that adapts to changing times and situations.
As a result, our customers can find these values in the service they receive.

As a Qualified Partner of the European Space Agency (ESA-ESOC) in the Information Technology domain, we prove that being a flexible, committed and specialised organization we provide solutions of great value even in complex working environments.

Our raison d´etre

To ease the daily work to our customers, developing solutions which provide transparency and agility in their internal work processes and that gather and summarize information intelligently, so that they are able to take well-founded decisions at all times..

Looking to the future

We want to be a reference company, investigating and developing permanently new IT solutions which help people to work efficiently with the big volumes of information that nowadays it is necessary to deal with.

Our internal working principles
  • Passion for IT, nurturing improvements in projects efficiency and quality.
  • Commitment with our customers and users, working with the maximum transparency and honesty.
  • Professional and personal development for our people, with a modern and flexible working environment to foster productivity.
  • Knowledge sharing and dissemination: Promote open source software and give back to society the possibilities which have allowed us to develop this company.